Unified Identity Solutions


Improve Digital supports unified identity solutions which provide a way to match users across multiple platforms, and reduce reliance on cookie matching. This increases publisher's monetisation potential and improves the ROI for buyers and advertisers. The methods in setting unified or universal user IDs vary and platforms utilise first party or third party data depending on the vendor. Many of these solutions are free for publishers.


Supported Vendors

Currently Improve Digital supports all vendors unless additional processing is required to pass the ID to demand partners. The existing solutions have a large volume in our ecosystem:

Screenshot_2021-02-12_at_15.08.06.png    Screenshot_2021-02-12_at_15.07.51.png    Screenshot_2021-02-12_at_15.06.35.png    Screenshot_2021-02-12_at_15.07.33.png

Screenshot_2021-06-04_at_15.35.47.png   Screenshot_2021-06-04_at_15.35.54.png   Screenshot_2021-06-04_at_15.36.06.png   Screenshot_2021-06-04_at_15.36.14.png



The first step for a publisher is to select which identity solutions to use. The platform supports multiple identity providers in every ad request in order to maximise potential user matches. Following this the setup depends on integration type between Improve Digital and the publisher.


Prebid.js (Header bidding)

Full documentation is available on Prebid.org - User ID Module. The steps are:

  1. update to Prebid.js version 4.16 or later, or use an earlier Prebid.js version from version 3.x upwards with our latest adapter, available on Github.
  2. update the Prebid configuration to include the Prebid User Module
  3. add the relevant identity provider sub-modules

The Improve Digital bidder adapter supports ID5 and Criteo. As more vendors will soon be supported the platform will currently accept any identity vendor in ad requests.


OpenRTB 2.5 (hbs, s2s)

Update your Improve Digital oRTB integration to include the eids object as per our OpenRTB 2.5 specification here. More information about vendor support for server-side publisher integrations will follow shortly. Please contact the team if this update is made so they can confirm the additional objects are received correctly.


Additional Resources

Vendor URL Lookup

Vendor URL (source field) Vendor
admixer.net Admixer ID
adserver.org Unified ID
akamai.com Akamai DAP
amxrtb.com AMX
audigent.com Halo ID
britepool.com BritePool
criteo.com Criteo
crwdcntrl.net Lotame Panorama
deepintent.com Deepintent
digitru.st Digitrust
hcn.health DMD
id5-sync.com ID5
idx.lat Retargetly IDx
intentiq.com IntentIQ
liveintent.com LiveIntent
liveramp.com Identity Link
mediawallahscript.com OpenLink ID
merkleinc.com Merkle ID
netid.de netID
neustar.biz Neustar Fabrick
nextroll.com Nextroll ID
novatiq.com Snowflake ID
parrable.com Parrable ID
pubcid.org PubCommon
quantcast.com Quantcast
sharedid.org Shared Id
tapad.com Tapad ID
uidapi.com Unified ID 2.0
verizonmedia.com Verizon Media ConnectID
zeotap.com Zeotap IDplus