Prebid Deals


The Prebid.js header bidding solution allows publishers to maximise their potential revenue by putting the highest bid from all their demand partners into competition with the demand in their ad server. Prebid Deals is an additional feature in Prebid.js that can be setup to give publishers more control over demand prioritisation and the ability to guarantee deal delivery.

How it works

The publisher creates a line item in their ad server on a higher priority than Prebid.js open market bidders, and targets these line items on the deal IDs from their demand partner's bidder using key values. This results in the following auction flow:

  1. Prebid.js wrapper sends request to all bidders as usual
  2. Bidders respond with bid, and bidders with deals also respond with the deal ID which is bidding
  3. Prebid.js passes this Deal ID as a keyvalue to the publisher ad server
  4. The ad server will serve the line item targeted to this key values

This means any open market bidding competes on the same standard priority level in the publisher ad server, however the publisher can prioritise deals using their ad server's line item priority. The publisher remains in complete control over the prioritisation.


⏱ Estimated time: 30mins for ad server setup, Prebid.js settings depend how many websites are being updated.

🥋 Web Developer and AdOps

The steps are fully documented Enable Deals in Prebid on To summarise the following steps should be taken to enable this with Improve Digital, with this example being for Google Ad Manager specifically:

  1. Understand Key Values
  2. Either: set the enableSendAllBids to true OR set enableSendAllBids to false and alwaysIncludeDeals to true
  3. Create Key Values - Improve Digital deal key value is hb_deal_improvedigit
  4. Create line item/s for deals and attach Prebid.js creatives

Once this is completed contact your Improve Digital representative to inform that this option is available. They will advise on which demand is available for prioritisation.