Creative Formats


It is possible to execute media buying of Improve Digital SSP inventory through several channels:

  • Open RTB: simply target campaigns on Improve Digital exchange via our demand partners,
  • Deal ID / PMP: negotiate with specific publishers or with an Azerion representative for specific inventory and data, and execute the strategy programmatically via our demand partners,
  • Classic campaign: negotiate with specific publishers or with an Azerion representative, then set the creative assets and campaign KPIs directly in Improve Digital DSP.

Creative Formats

The following creative formats and technical attributes are available in the platform.


OpenRTB, Deal ID, Classic

Standard Supported Type/Version
VAST 2.0, 3.0
VPAID 1.0, 2.0
Video Format Type Instream, Outstream
Bitrate -
Start delivery Preroll, Midroll, Postroll
Mix/Max duration -

IAB standard based on the relevant VAST version

Note that inventory is based on publisher availability and the standards represent the technical support of the platform.

For Classic video campaigns a VAST or VPAID tag can be set in the platform.


All formats are supported for RTB and Deal ID. Specifically for Classic campaigns the following creative types can be uploaded in the platform:

  • Standard banner image (jpeg, gif, png) - max upload size 200kb,
  • Third-party tag
  • HTML5


IAB Native standard v1.2 is supported.