GDPR: DFP Ad Technology Provider Controls


Google's DoubleClick For Publishers providers the Ad Technology Provider Control feature to manage a publisher's partners, which are setup in orders. If a publisher is using DFP as an ad server, in order to continue running Improve Digital tags on European traffic, it is essential to be specified as a provider in this console.

To setup Improve Digital in DFP

To enable Improve Digital, the following steps should be taken:

  1. sign in to DFP
  2. click Admin and then EU user consent - the 'EU user consent' page appears
  3. scroll to 'Select ad technology providers'
  4. under 'Custom set of ad technology providers' click Select Providers
  5. find Improve Digital and check the box


  6. click Done - the provider list closes
  7. click Save

Further Information

Full DFP documentation on GDPR and partner management is available here:


For more information about GDPR please contact your account team.


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